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This list is compiled from information sent in by visitors to this site who feel they may be of interest to fellow Speedster enthusiasts.

Please do email me if with details of links you would like added, or if you find that a link has changed or expired.


Club Links:

Speedsters and Spyders Club

TIPEC - The Porsche Enthusiasts Club

Porsche Club GB

The Porsche 356 Registry

Founded in 1974 this international group of owners and enthusiasts is dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of the Porsche 356

356 Club of Southern California

This is the largest regional 356 club in the world.

Speedster Owners Club


Vintage Porsche Club (USA)


Swiss 356 Club has a website up and running -
Lars P. Reichelt . is the webmaster


The 356 Motor Cities Gruppe . .

The '356 Motor Cities Gruppe' is a club of and for Porsche 356 aficionados in the Southeast Michigan region, the home of the U.S. automotive industry. The site is maintained by Tom Hudson.

356 Carrera Speedster Inventory

This is a wonderful site run by Johan Wellens in Belgium - details of many examples of this most desirable of Speedsters.

Erasmusstr. 23, D-42653 Solingen, Germany
Georg H. Fischer is the webmaster -

The Tub Club of North Texas

356 Mid-Atlantic Club

South African Speedster-Spyder Club
From Robin Hart <>

Porsche 356 Klubb Sweden

A really excellent 356 club site with lots of technical information, historical details, photograph gallery and even downloadable sounds of different Porsche engines! Box 11059, S-550 11 Joenkoeping, Sweden. Contact Sten Sundstrom

North East Region - Porsche Club of America

This is an interesting club site representing the North East region of the USA. Lots of information, photographs etc

Porsche Club of New Zealand

The Porsche Club of New Zealand als has a well designes site with good info and links.

The Porsche Club of Estonia

This is clearly an excellent site with lots of info, photographs and links but I did have a little difficulty with the language! Still worth a visit

Sacramento Valley Region - Porsche Club of America

A frequently updated site covering enthusiasts in the Sacramento Valley and Golden Gate areas.

This club covers the Dallas, Fort Worth area of the USA and features a photo gallery, on-line newsletter and information on all types of Porsche including 356s and a few Speedsters.

PCA Californian Coast Region

A very stylish site with lots of news, photographs and technical information

Potomac Region - Porsche Club of America

Another really slick and well designed site, with interesting 'Swap'n Sell' and 'Test Drive' sections

PCA San Diego Region

One of the largest regions of the Porsche Club of America. The site shows details of Rallies, Tours, Time Trials and Concours Competitions as well as all the usual stuff. One of the best club sites.

PCA Zone 8 Club

This club covers Central and Southern California, Arizona and Nevada. The site acts as a communications point for several local groups and gives details of Rallies, Competitions and other events.


Forums: - for Porsche drivers & Dreamers. - Your daily 5 minute Porsche news briefing , Buy, Sell, Fix & Tune your Classic Porsche.

Journals and Online Magazines:

The Sports, Racing and Vintage Car Journal


Motor Sports Associataion


Cars ahead of their time


Specialist Suppliers:

Car Guy Garage - Garage Cabinets, Storage, Flooring, Accessories, Lighting and Decor.

Premier Plates - Broker of personalised number plates and we supply classic number plates.

FrazerPart - Porsche parts specialist.

Breakerlink - find the part you need from breakers, dealers and parts suppliers across the UK.

Classic Car Insurance

Performance Marque - specialist classic Porsche insurers.
Useful US-based car insurance comparison site.


Specialist Car Dealers and Auctioneers:

Classic Cars for Sale



Classic Car Information Sites:
Mainly USA oriented but lots of useful links

US Classic Car Museums Map:
USA only but lots of useful info.

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