1995 – 1998 The 911 (993) Speedster

Porsche never officially released a 993 Speedster model. However two were known to have been built by the factory, based on the cabriolet but with a low raked windscreen, lowered hood, humped rear end and a redesigned interior.

The first was a dark green Tiptronic S Speedster with 17 inch wheels for Butzi Porsche in 1995 on the occasion of his 60th birthday,


The second, in 1998 was in silver and with manual transmission and 18 inch wheels for the American TV star and car collector, Jerry Seinfeld. The Seinfeld Speedster was apparently originally delivered as a cabriolet or targa model and later sent back to the factory ‘Exclusive’ department to be rebuilt as a wide-bodied Speedster


More images of Butzi’s 993 Speedster


Quite a few stunning 993 Speedsters have been ‘created’ by enthusiasts just because the combination of the Speedster look and the 993’s perfect lines go so well together.

Here are a couple of images captured in California


If anyone has more images of these ‘creations’. please send them in.

In the UK Ninemeister has re-created a number of 993 Speedsters – click here for more details