Andrew Hamilton Gray MSc


25 year veteran of the motor trade and started my career in the late nineties. Following a brief introduction into volume sales I started as a Sales executive at Graypaul Ferrari and Maserati in Loughborough. I quickly rose through the ranks and became Business and new Car Manager for their Loughborough and Sheffield Branch before moving to Graypaul Nottingham in 2002. In 2005 I was promoted to Brand Manager of the newly acquired Graypaul Edinburgh where I also undertook a Masters Degree in Strategic Automotive Dealership Management at Loughborough University.

In 2011 I left Graypaul and founded Hamilton Grays Limited which I sold in 2017. I now run another successful Automotive consultancy company in Loughborough and live there with my wife of 25 years and four daughters.

My passion for Porsche started at an early age, I purchased my first Porsche at the age of 19 which was a stunning guards Red 944 S2 Coupe. From an early age I have adored the 356 and always aspired to one day owning a Speedster. I have watched the prices rise and rise since the mid nineties to their astronomical levels today. I wish as I am sure many do that I had bought one thirty years ago but we live and learn. Throughout my Ferrari career I have also seen the prices of Dino’s Testarossa’s and F40’s soar but that’s another story!

In 2001 I discovered the Chesil Motor company whilst on holiday on the south coast. I had the pleasure of meeting Peter at their factory in Bridport and from that point I was hooked! I was fascinated by the stunning 50’s styling, simplistic engineering and low maintenance costs so I set out to find my first Speedster. It was two years and three daughters later in 2008  when I finally purchased a stunning Silver Chesil Speedster. The salesman in me kicked in and I upgraded to a cherry red Speedster in 2013 which was quickly followed by a left hand drive CMC from Germany. This car was one of the cars used in the film Doc Hollywood so benefitted from a lot of original Porsche parts. I sold that car in 2017 and it was replaced by a Ruby Red left hand drive CMC which I sold in 2018 to a friend in France. Since then I have bought and sold many more Speedsters. These have included Chesil, CMC, Beck and Vintage.

I don’t profess to be a mechanic but over the last 25 years I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience with regards to Speedsters, if anyone has any questions or if they are considering selling their car please feel free to get in touch.


Andrew Hamilton Gray MSc

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